Wall mounted

Wall-mounted DAIKIN AC - Series 17 SEER

Series 17 SEER

Daikin units are designed to include features that let you create your own unique ecosystem. From the wide angle louver design to the auto-swing and comfortable mode controller settings, effective heating and cooling is ensured throughout the space. Integrated with an inverter variable-speed compressor, Daikin systems deliver the capacity required to maintain desired room conditions, typically reducing energy consumption by up to 30% or more (compared to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems). This technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort.

 Warranty of 10 years on compressor, 10 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

**Possibility up to 12 years on labor**

Pamphelt Air conditioner Daikin

Climatiseur mural DAIKIN AC - Série K - jusqu'à 19 SEER
Wall-mounted DAIKIN AC - K Series - up to 19 SEER

K Series

Available in 12 000 and 18 000 BTU.

Daikin K Series has been designed for absolute comfort! Thanks to its motorized flap and wide angle, air conditioning in the living space will be provided.

Using variable speed technology, Daikin systems operate mainly in low speed with a noise level as low as 23 decibels for the indoor unit and the unit to 50 decibels outside. Warranty of 12 years on compressor, 12 years on parts and 1 years on labor.

**Possibility up to 12 years on labor**

Pamphelt Air conditioner Daikin

Wall-mounted Goodman - 15 Seer AC
Wall-mounted Goodman - 15 Seer AC

15 Seer

The 15 Seer wall-mounted air conditionner by goodman uses the R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant to maximise its lifespan. This system also includes a two-way air flow to allow an optimised distribution of fresh, cool air. Intagrated with a refrigerant leak detector, the unit maintenance is made easier. 5 year waranty on pieces and compressor by Goodman.

Pamphelt Air conditioner GOODMAN

Wall-mounted Goodman - 17 Seer AC
wall-mounted Goodman - 17 Seer AC


The Goodman wall-mounted 17 SEER has been designed for absolute comfort! It will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your home will become an indispensable haven of peace for you. With a seer up to 17 Seer. 5-year warranty compressor, 1 year piece by Goodman.

Pamphelt Air conditioner GOODMAN

Wall-mounted Trane - 16 Seer AC
Wall-mounted Trane - 16 Seer AC

Series 16 Seer


The Trane Series 16 gives you an unparalleled air conditioning experience. Its Turbo function allows you to quikly reach your ideal temperature and its timer gives you the ability to turn on the unit whenever you want.


In order to save maximum energy and maintain optimal comfort in the room, the Sleep Mode automatically raises and lowers the temperature when you sleep. Its automatic cleaning function and triple filtration fan always works when air conditioning is shut down to minimize mold growth and restrict the growth of bacteria. The triple filtration system thoroughly cleans the air you breathe.


10 year parts and compressor warranty by Trane.

Pamphelt Air conditioner TRANE